Musculoskeletal Pathology - Case 6 - Part 3

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There were features concerning for degeneration and malignancy on X-ray, so the patient opted to have the mass surgically removed after a discussion with her orthopedic surgeon.

The surgical specimen was sent to Pathology for evaluation of malignancy.

Gross specimen from right femur. Cancelous bone with a thin white cartilaginous capsule.


Low power view of the bony lesion with a hyaline cartilage cap.

Medium power showing normal trabecular bone with overlying cartilage.

High power view of cartilage cap

Example of low grade chondrosarcoma:

Chondrosarcoma with bone formation at the edge of lobules of ablnormal cartilage.

High power view of low grade chondrosarcoma

1. What is the diagnosis?

2. What is the difference between Chondrosarcoma and Osteochondroma?

3. What is this patient’s prognosis?