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Phillip Bernard, M.D.

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Medical Director, Molecular Pathology Laboratory

Scholarly Emphasis: Developing molecular classifications for cancer by using microarrays for a comprehensive genome approach
Phillip Bernard, M.D.

Philip S. Bernard, M.D.

Contact Info

Email Address: phil.bernard [[at]]

Office Phone Number: 801.581.5353

Location: ARUP Laboratories

Division: Anatomic Pathology


About Phillip Bernard, M.D.

Dr. Bernard is the medical director of the Solid Tumor Molecular Diagnostics
Laboratory at ARUP. He is an assistant professor of pathology at the University
of Utah School of Medicine. As an investigator at the Huntsman Cancer
Institute, Dr. Bernard’s laboratory uses microarrays for a comprehensive
genomics approach to developing molecular classifications for cancer.
Dr. Bernard received his M.D. and postdoctoral training from the University
of Utah. He is certified in clinical pathology by the American Board of

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