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David G. Grenache, Ph.D.

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Associate Professor (Clinical)

Scholarly Emphasis: Special Chemistry
David G. Grenache, Ph.D.

Contact Info

Email Address: david.grenache (at)

Office Phone Number: 801-583-2787 ex 3547

Location: ARUP Laboratories

Research Lab: ARUP Institute for Clinical and Experimental Pathology

Division: Clinical Pathology

Also Works in: ARUP  

Supporting Staff:   Karen J. Nelson  



  • 2007 - Associate Professor of Pathology, University of Utah School of Medicine, Salt Lake City, UT
  • 2007 - Medical Director Special Chemistry, ARUP Laboratories

About David G. Grenache, Ph.D.

Dr. Grenache is an associate professor of pathology at the University of Utah Health Sciences Center and is the medical director of the Special Chemistry laboratory at ARUP Laboratories.  He is board certified by the American Board of Clinical Chemistry and is a fellow in the National Academy of Clinical Biochemistry.

My research interests are primarily focused on the use of clinical laboratory diagnostics in maternal-fetal biochemistry with a particular emphasis on human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG).  In addition to its use in the diagnosis of pregnancy, hCG has clinical utility in the differential diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy, in maternal serum screening for the detection of fetal aneuploidies, and as a tumor marker for gestational trophoblastic diseases and germ cell tumors.  Because hCG can also be synthesized by the pituitary gland, it is occasionally detected in non-pregnant women which may delay needed therapies due to an assumed pregnancy or lead to unnecessary therapeutic interventions due to an assumed malignancy.

 In collaborative studies, we have determined upper reference limits for hCG in non-pregnant women and have developed algorithms for using follicle stimulating hormone to help differentiate pituitary from placental hCG.  We have also evaluated the analytical specificity of several hCG immunoassays and have shown that some of them produce falsely decreased results in the presence of elevated concentrations of certain hCG variants.  Other  investigations include the utility of hCG various immunoassays in oncology applications and the development of novel assays for the detection and quantification of hCG.

Selected Publications

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Honors and Awards

  • 2002 - Paul E. Strandjord Young Investigator Award with Distinction, Academy of Clinical Laboratory Physicians and Scientists.
  • 2005 - Philip M. Blatt Award for Excellence in Resident Teaching in Clinical Pathology, University of North Carolina School of Medicine.
  • 2007 - Profiled in You are Here: A Guide to Over 350 Colleges and Unlimited Paths to Your Future, Kaplan Publishing, New York, NY.
  • 2009 - Society for Young Clinical Laboratorians Recognition Award, American Association for Clinical Chemistry.
  • 2010 - Mentor of the Month, American Association for Clinical Chemistry.

Professional Education

  • 1987 - BA Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, North Adams, MA
  • 1988 - BS Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, North Adams, MA
  • 1994 - Ph.D. Worcester Polytechnic Institute(Biomedical Sciences)Worcester,MA
  • 2003 - Fellow Washington University (Clin Chem & Laboratory Medicine) St. Louis, MO