Pathology Department Newsletter - Volume 1 Issue 1

We are happy to introduce the inaugural issue of the Pathology Department Newsletter. Its' purpose is to bring news and updates to members of the Department in a effort to allow us to get to know each other's work and interests a little better. We plan biannual issues.

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Pathology Department Newsletter - Volume 1 Issue 1

Upcoming Events

The Department of Pathology is dedicated to understanding the basis of disease, to teach knowledge to others, and to apply our understanding to improve medical diagnoses and treatment of patients.

Dr. Jensen, Chair, Department of Pathology

Welcome to the Department of Pathology at the University of Utah

The Department of Pathology includes 90+ faculty members and diverse clinical, research, and education programs. Read More ...

Clinical Service

The Department of Pathology and ARUP Laboratories are committed to providing quality patient care and to advancing the fields of pathology and laboratory medicine. We are dedicated to discovering new and improved methods to meet the demands of the health care world.