Welcome Sarah South, Ph.D.

It is with great pleasure the Department of Pathology announces Sarah South, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Department of Pathology. Dr. South began her employment with the University of Utah in the Department of Pediatrics in 2006. As her clinical and much of her research activities took place in pathology, she has transferred her primary appointment to pathology.

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Welcome Sarah South, Ph.D.

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The Department of Pathology is dedicated to understanding the basis of disease, to teach knowledge to others, and to apply our understanding to improve medical diagnoses and treatment of patients.

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Teaching is a significant part of the Department of Pathology’s mission. The scope of our curricula has increased over the years and now includes teaching and training of medical students, residents, medical and postdoctoral fellows, Ph.D. students, dental students, nurses, physician assistants, graduate students, undergraduate students, and students in medical laboratory science, as well as supporting a variety of continuing education programs. Total teaching contact hours for pathology faculty average more than 22,000 per academic year.