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Welcome Dr. Patrice Held, Ph.D.

last modified 2008-04-18 13:59 — by Dave

We welcome Dr. Patrice Held, who recently joined the ARUP team and Dr. Mariza Pasquali as an assistant medical director of Biochemical Genetics and assistant medical director of the Newborn Screening Laboratory.  She is also an Assistant Professor in the Department of Pathology.

Dr. Held received her undergraduate degree in genetics from the University of Wisconsin.  While she was there, her mentor encouraged her to pursue a graduate degree.  She attended the Organ Health and Science University in Portland, Oregon where she studied and received her Ph.D. in molecular and medical genetics as well as became board certified in clinical biochemical genetics.  Her Ph.D. project was focused on gene and stem cell therapy for metabolic disorders and, with a desire to continue in that field of study, she decided she wanted to focus more on patient care and clinical work rather than research alone. 

In 2007, Dr. Held completed a 2-year Fellowship in clinical biochemical genetics at the National Institutes of Health within the National Human Genome Research Institute.  There she specialized in running a diagnostic lab for biochemical genetics.

While working in her Fellowship, Dr. Held knew she wanted to continue her research on metabolic disorders, but also wanted to work in an environment that would combine, if possible, the research and testing of a commercial company with a more academic setting of a university.  ARUP was the perfect fit.

We extend a hearty welcome to Dr. Patrice Held to the Department of Pathology.  We know she will make a great addition to the expertise at ARUP.