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Jeffrey J. Swensen, Ph.D

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Scholarly Emphasis: Hereditary cancer predisposition syndromes and premature aging syndromes
Jeffrey J. Swensen, Ph.D

Jeffrey J. Swensen, Ph.D.

Contact Info

Email Address: jeffrey.swensen {at}

Office Phone Number: 801-583-7376



  • Assistant Professor, Department of Pathology
  • Assistant Medical Director, Molecular Genetics, ARUP Laboratories and Department of Pathology

About Jeffrey J. Swensen, Ph.D

Selected Publications

  • Swensen JJ, Keyser J, Coffin CM, Biegel JA, Viskochil DH, Williams MS. (2009 Jan). Familial occurrence of schwannomas and malignant rhabdoid tumour associated with a duplication in SMARCB1. J Med Genet, 46(1), 68-72.
  • Lyon E, Mao R, Swensen J. (2009). Mutation Detection by Real-time PCR. In Logan J, Edwards K, Saunders N (Eds.), Real Time PCR: Current Technology and Applications (pp. 149-161). Caister Academic Press.
  • Swensen J, Keyser J, Biegel JA, Williams MS. (2008). Familial occurrence of schwannomatosis and rhabdoid tumor associated with a duplication in hSNF5/INI1/SMARCB1. American College of Medical Genetics Annual Clinical Genetics Meeting. Abstract Number 21. Selected for a platform presentation [Abstract].

Professional Education

  • 1989, B.S. University of Utah (Medical Laboratory Science. Specialization: Cytotechnology)
  • 1999, Ph.D. University of Utah (Medical Informatics. Specialization: Genetic Epidemiology)
  • 2006, Fellow, University of Utah (Clinical Molecular Genetics)